Boiler integration in Domoticz with Ebusd

1. Introduction

The goal of the project is the integration of a Saunier Duval boiler with a Domoticz home automation system.

2. Hardware


– Ebus Adapter :
– Wemos D1 :

3. Software

3.1 Ebus gateway

Download EspTool :

Go in the folder :

Download the latest ebus-ESP firmware for our Wemos :

Plug your Wemos and flash the firmware :

Then reboot the Wemos and :
– Connect to the “EBUS” wireless network
– Open a web browser and go to
– Adjust settings as below :

Your Wemos WLAN Ebus gateway should be ready !

3.2 Ebusd : Ebus daemon

Download the Ebusd package (here for Raspberry Pi) :

Install it :

Then download the latests configuration files :

And copy them :

Then configure ebusd :

Here is my configuration (to be adapted) :

3.3 Domoticz plugin

First of all, we need to upgrade to the last Domoticz Beta version:

Then go in the Domoticz folder for plugins :

And download files :

Set the right permissions :

Restart Domoticz :

Then configure it with the web interface as below :

With this configuration :

All done !

7 thoughts on “Boiler integration in Domoticz with Ebusd”

        1. Still available. Working perfectly fine, I change it because I’m moving to a new house.

          I sell it 20€.


  1. My question would be, with this panel I can stop the boiler, the boiler? can you send data directly to the boiler?

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