FreeBSD post installation checklist

1. Enable root access for your user

FreeBSD won’t let regular users root access using su. If you try, you’ll have the following message :

To allow root access for a specific user, you need to add him to the “wheel” group :

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Zabbix – Monitor a device behind a NAT / firewall

There is two modes for Zabbix checks:
Passive check : a simple data request. Zabbix server or proxy asks for some data (for example, CPU load) and Zabbix agent sends back the result to the server.
Active check : the agent must first retrieve from the server(s) a list of items for independent processing. Then the agent then periodically sends the new values to the server(s).

Monitoring a Zabbix agent behind a firewall or a NAT without any port redirection requires to use the active mode.

It’s not recommended to monitor over internet without using a VPN.

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FreeBSD 10.1 – Zabbix 2.4 monitoring system

Zabbix is an enterprise open source monitoring solution for networks and applications.


The Zabbix monitoring system is divided in 3 sub-systems :
Zabbix server : Collect and store data from the devices.
Zabbix frontend : Render the data and manage the web UI.
Zabbix agent : Run locally on the different devices to be monitored.
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