Deactivate night vision (IR) on Hikam S5

Using the Hikam S5 with the Synology surveillance station was leading to many false positives. These false positives occur when the the camera was switching between day and nights visions.

As there is any software solution to deactivate the night vision mod on the Hikam S5, we’ll do a simple hardware modification.

First step, remove the back cover (4 screws) :

Then remove the IR ring. The light sensor connectors are circled in red and the connector to the main board is in white. Using a Ohm meter, we can find that the the light sensor is connected to the pins in the center of the connector.

Unplugged : Camera will be always in night vision mod.
Bridged : Camera will be always in day vision mod.

Before bridging :

After bridging :

Then plug back the jumper : the bridge has to be on the main board side.

Your camera won’t enter in night mod anymore.

One thought on “Deactivate night vision (IR) on Hikam S5”

  1. Perfect, thanks very much for this. Building a bird nest cam, and this helps a lot.

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