OpenVPN server on Debian

1. Software installation

Install OpenVPN and Easy-RSA :

2. Configuration

Copy the sample configuration file :

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Pre-configure Wifi on a headless Raspberry Pi Zero

After setting up the OS on the memory card, you should have 2 partitions mounted from your memory card :
– Boot partition
– Root partition

On the root partition, edit the wpa supplicant configuration file :

And add the following lines at the end of the file :

Adjust the SSID and password, and you’re done.

Deactivate night vision (IR) on Hikam S5

Using the Hikam S5 with the Synology surveillance station was leading to many false positives. These false positives occur when the the camera was switching between day and nights visions.

As there is any software solution to deactivate the night vision mod on the Hikam S5, we’ll do a simple hardware modification.

First step, remove the back cover (4 screws) :
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Arduino 1.8.1 IDE on Ubuntu 16.10

Download the last version on :

Uncompress the archive :

Move the new created folder in the optional add-on software packages folder :

Make the install script executable :

Install it :

You should have this output :

Synology : Mount permanently SMB shares

1. Keep your credentials safe

Create a file for your credentials in your home folder :

Keep it private :

Then fill it :

Using the following content :

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