Raspberry – Direct network connection and internet sharing

Just installed Raspbian on my Pi but I have no router, no screen and no keyboard : Just a laptop connected to a WiFi network and one network cable.

We can use ICS (Internet Connection Sharing) to connect our Pi to our Laptop. We’ll be able to use SSH and the raspberry Pi will have an internet access.

1 – Edit the sharing properties of my Wireless interface (this has to be the interface that is used to access to internet). Enable sharing :

2 – Edit the LAN interface (interface used to connect our Pi), and make sure that all the IP configuration is in automatic :

3 – Plug the Pi to the laptop with a cross or straight cable.

4 – On the LAN interface, you laptop IP is The Pi address is given by the DHCP server (managed by Windows). So far the easiest way is just to scan the range – to find you Raspberry :

5 – Use this IP to connect to your Pi. If you’re using Raspbian, the default login is “pi” and password is “raspberry”. Once connected, you have internet access :

All done !

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