Update RFLink gateway on Linux (Ubuntu)

RFLink is a great, flexible and opensource RF gateway for 433Mhz devices. I use it with Domoticz. Every few months, a new firmware is released and they add a lot of new devices. This post describe how to update an RFLink gateway in a Linux environment.

1. Software

Install AvrDude, an Atmel AVR microcontroller programmer :

2. Update

1 – Plug the gateway (the Arduino Mega board) to your computer using an USB cable.
2 – Check the port :

The output should give you something like

3 – Download and unzip the firmware from http://www.rflink.nl/blog2/download

4 – In the same folder than the extracted firmware, run the following command :

The output should looks like this:

You’re done, happy home automation 🙂

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