Zabbix server on Debian

1. Installation

2. Configuration

2.1 Nginx

Edit Nginx configuration file :

Add the following at the top of the file :

And add the following in the “server {” part :

2.2 Postgresql

Login as postgres user :

And start the postgres client :

Then let’s create a user, a database and set-up the rights :

Then log out :

Edit the file to allow our user :

Add the following :

Then restart the service :

And finally set-up the database :

2.3 PHP

Edit the configuration file:

And modify as follow :

Then reload the configuration:

2.4 Zabbix server

Open the configuration file :

And adjust the following :

Then restart the service :

You can connect to to follow the installation :

In order to be able to save the configuration, temporary change the right on the file :

Save the file, and then reestablish the rights :

You’re done :).

– Login : Admin
– Pass : zabbix

Happy monitoring !

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